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Q stands for Quality

Just as the Q is central to our brand name OQEMA, a high quality standard determines our actions, products and services.

This claim is particularly important in areas where highest precision and cleanliness are required, such as in the automotive, aerospace, medical technology and electronics industries.

The HPQ process

In view of the ever-increasing complexity of cleaning requirements, cleaning procedures, test methods, and the necessary documentation and certification processes, we offer you comprehensive support for the implementation of your precision cleaning project with our HPQ system solutions.

In order to achieve reproducible results right from the start of your project and to achieve the highest levels of cleanliness as defined by common standards such as ISO 16232 and VDA 19,

we involve our in-house product development and application engineering department from the very beginning and cooperate with independent, certified testing laboratories.

This enables us to offer chemical products tailored to the specific application and, in addition to the highest level of cleaning, also ensures the compatibility of the chemistry used with your materials and subsequent process steps.

Our HPQ fine cleaning solutions include both solvent-based and water-based cleaning products that are perfectly designed to meet the specific cleanliness needs of various production steps in manufacturing.


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