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We are pleased to introduce our special product lines. With our energy and resource efficient Curasolv and Curatech products we help you to meet your sustainability goals. Find out more about our products presented below or contact us directly.

Curaphos 5040

is our innovative, liquid iron phosphating and degreasing agent for energy­ saving use starting from 20 °C. Curaphos 5040 produces a high level of corrosion protection and excellent adhesion proper­ties for subsequent painting or powder coating. The phosphating process with Curaphos 5040 is characterized by high reliability and robustness and has already been successfully established in the industry.

Curaphos NE 160

is a mildly alkaline cleaner that can be used on all metal surfaces.
With Curatech NE 160 excellent cleaning results at low temperatures starting from 30 °C and a favorable foaming behavior are achieved. Curatech NE 160 is a salt­free product that can be used without an additional rinsing stage, leaving a temporary corrosion protection on the surface.

Curasolv GA 11

is our solvent cleaner based on renewable raw materials. Curasolv GA 11 replaces critical solvents such as NMP, NEP, DMSO and GBL. It is suitable for removing 1K and 2K plastic systems, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, greases, oils and lacquers. With its high dissolving power, it removes even resistant coatings and soiling from almost all substrates even at room temperature.

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